The Fair Art Manifesto is campaign that supports fair pay for artists.

The Fair Art Manifesto reflects the reality of the art sector. Artists often earn their livelihoods from multiple sources. Occasional gigs, assignments and invitations to speak are all part of an artist’s work. Often, artists are offered nothing more than visibility for all their work.

The Fair Art Manifesto reminds us that whenever artists are commissioned for their expertise, it constitutes work for which they are entitled to financial compensation.

This website includes links to agreement templates, pay and fee recommendations and guidelines for artists and commissioners of art to help them price work accurately, negotiate agreements and budget events and other assignments realistically. The website focuses primarily on commissions, assignments and gigs, i.e. work that is not covered by collective agreements.

Artists receive commissions for their work because art is valued. The best way to demonstrate that you value their work is to pay fair remuneration to artists.

This website offers communications materials that allow you to communicate your responsibility.

The Fair Art Manifesto’s “We Pay Artists” logo communicates that the art event or commissioner is committed to fair remuneration practices.

If you are committed to fair remuneration practices, you can download the logo here:

“We Pay Artists” logo in PURPLE

“We Pay Artists” logo in ORANGE

“We Pay Artists” logo in WHITE

“Fair Art Manifesto” logo in different colours

Graphic guidelines in finnish

“Fair Art Manifesto” picture frame

Agreement templates: